Things to know about work visas if you have an employment offer

Things to know about work visas if you have an employment offer

Congratulations on receiving your offer for employment in Qatar! 

Obtaining a visa to work in another country can be quite tedious and will require patience. There are many steps in the process and key documents will need to be made available to prevent delay. We’ve compiled this list of useful information to help you prepare for the application process. 

Step 1. All non-nationals entering Qatar for work purposes must be sponsored before being allowed in the country.

Step 2. Your employer will act as your sponsor and is responsible for filing all paperwork with the Ministry of Interior for your visa and residency permit.

Step 3. Prior to coming to Qatar, your educational documents (degrees, diplomas and certificates), marriage certificate and official police clearance will need to be attested by your domestic Foreign Affairs office and the Qatar embassy in your home country.

Step 4. You will be issued a temporary Entry Visa (to be provided by your employer) that will allow you initial entry into Qatar.

Step 5. Workers entering Qatar on an Entry Visa will be required to remain in Qatar until the Residency Permit (RP) or Residence Card is issued. RPs can take up to six weeks for issuance.

Here’s a list of documents that you should have prepared prior to travelling:

  • Offer letter from employer signed and dated
  • Valid Passport 
  • All educational documents (degrees, diplomas and/or certificates)
  • Official police clearance 
  • Marriage certificates
  • Medical records if you have any medical conditions

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For more detailed information about the visa process, read Getting setup in Qatar as an expat.

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